Monday, October 7, 2013

New Book Soon!

Hello Family, Friends and Readers !  This month marks the 5th year of Rhyme Time Publications beginning.  The first "official"  book was Duck Tape followed by Santa's Hat, Hoorqay for Heroes! and Duck Tape 2.  My books have been labors of love for those who helped make these children's books possible.  I appreciate all the creative efforts and time others have invested to make these award winning books including:  Toby Mike, Janice Hechter, Nancy Lindstrom, Randall Wilson, Beth, Emily and Ozzie Ostroski and Debbie Kilday....thank you all.

Connecticut Authors and Publishers Association did well at the Big E signing and selling Connecticut authored books.  Rhyme Time Publications did very well and as a result I now have to reprint several books.  Next year a new book, Anchors Aweigh will join the other RT books. 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Ebooks for Rhyme Time Publishing

I am now an ebook author !  I have been working to have Duck Tape, Duck Tape 2 and Santa's Hat converted to ebooks.  This is a publishing, that requires skill and determination,  Most of Rhyme Time Publishing books will become live ebooks by December.  Books will be available at: Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Apple ibooks.  Priced to sell, the download process is very easy.   

My daughter and I have been selling books and hats (Hats by Bee) at Connecticut fall festivals.  Last weekend we visited Warren, Connecticut and sold at the policemen's festival in Warren Woods.  We both met some very interesting vendors and local folks.  Unionville Festival was equally fun and our own local festival sponsored by local merchants.  Beth sold her beautiful hats and I sold my books under cloudy skies...thank goodness for our tent !  We have several more fairs to visit before the holidays ! 

Cider time at Hogan Cider Mill in Burlington and at Avon Cider Mill in Avon.  Buy a pumpkin or mum and enjoy the cider and donuts !

Happy Autumn to all !

Rhyme Time Publishing

Thursday, February 16, 2012

February 14, 2012, Valentine's Day Remembrance

     Three years today my youngest brother, Max Wilson, died at his home in California.  He was a middle school teacher working with "at risk" students for many years.  After graduating from Michigan State he ventured into the field of education where he was regarded as a creative teacher and administrator.   He felt that his students in San Francisco were lucky to live in such a wonderful city that offered so much culture and beauty.  Two years ago I wrote about Max and the influence he had on his student's lives.  Now I write because as time marches on, I feel his impact more and more.

   This past October I visited my mother and brother, Randall Wilson, and met with the librarian of the school where they both taught.  Randall is still teaching English and drama in San Francisco and he and I toured the library of Aptos Middle School with Roxane Martin.  She spoke of how she had carefully removed many old books that were in disrepair.  Armed with determination, Roxane has renovated the library shelving, seating and decor.  Beautiful pictures hang on the clean walls; posters celebrating diversity complete the renovation and new books are available for all.  The Max Wilson collection of art books has a special place in the Aptos Library along with Rhymetime Publications.  Max would be so proud to see his book collection lovingly shelved for the students and faculty to enjoy.  This library is a gem and Roxane Martin deserves  the credit for taking action to give the city  and school system of San Francisco a fine library...a library with the doors open for students.  I quote the late Erma Bombeck:  "As a child, my number one best friend was the librarian  in  grade school.  I actually believed all those books belonged to her."  But of course, the books belong to everyone to share and enjoy made possible by a special librarian.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Bill Freund writes a beautiful children's book: The Cookie that Saved My Family

Bill Freund, economist and children's book author, has published his first children's book with Rhyme Time Publishing.  This is an exciting time for Bill and his family as his memoir about leaving Germany and coming to the United States is published.  Rhyme Time Publishing is proud to have published this remarkable book.

Freund, retired economist, professor and vice president of the New York Stock Exchange, is a man of many hats.  His book, The Cookie that Saved My Family, describes the events leading to his family's move to the U.S. in the late 1930s.  Bill's family:  mother, father and sister, arrive in NYC with little money but many hopes and dreams.  His mother, Paula, brings a secret that will help establish the family in New York.  Toby Mikle, illustrator, did the pictures and the book is available on Amazon

Bill Freund will be honored for his book by the University of Hartford under the direction of Rabbi Freund in April.  Visit Amazon and read the reviews of this extraordinary book and the journey of an extraordinary family.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Rhyme Time Presents "Duck Tape" and "Hooray for Heroes!": Thanksgiving 2011

Rhyme Time Presents "Duck Tape" and "Hooray for Heroes!": Thanksgiving 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

Hello Friends and Family.  Just a little blog to update you on Rhymetime activities.  Next week I will be at Miller Farm in Avon, Connecticut with Connecticut Boy Scouts at the Thanksgiving food tent.  My friend, Cal Miller, owner of Miller Farm, has once again invited Rhymetime Publishing to gather "Toys 4 Tots".  During the day, delicious food including:  turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, various delicious veggies, dressing and pies are offered in the food tent.  Food is available to be purchased for the holidays.  Cal and her daughter and son and "elves" are in the tent assisting visitors.  Rhymetime Publishing is at the farm with books that can be purchased, wrapped and placed in the "Toys 4 Tots" box.  The local scouts are on hand to help and spread holiday cheer.  Last year, over 100 books were purchased by donations and given to the Salvation Army Preschool.

Please come and visit the Miller Farm Food Tent.  Festivities begin this Saturday, November 19,  through Wednesday.  Come and visit....sample the food and make a toy donation of $4.00.  We need your help to make the holidays a magical time for children ! 

See you at Miller Farm, off 167, Avon, Connecticut.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

San Francisco Here I Come and Big E Update

Hello Friends,

I am off this week to San Francisco to visit family and friends.  I can't wait to fly out and check in at The Hotel Mayflower on Bush Street.  My favorite hotel ever with a deli next door.  The hotel is about 3 blocks from my mother's condo on Pine Street.  Taking Pine Street into China Town is about a 15 minute walk downhill.  Uphill, I can head to the piers for an afternoon of boating and shopping.

While in San Francisco, I will be giving several workshops entitled:  Mobius Magic.  These workshops will be given to junior high schoolers during library time.  We will discuss Dr. Mobius, his famous magical loop, construct loops and talk about Mobius strips of language. 

The "Thinking Cap Literary Society" is sponsoring these society !  Can't wait to tackle these scholars !  Books I will use include:  The Mother Tongue by Bill Bryson and The Mobius Strip by Clifford Pickover.  Both books are excellent, easy to read discussions about scientific and mathematical concepts, and their relationships to writing skills.  Mobius takes scholars to intellectual areas in our daily lives:  the national recycling sign is a Mobius strip; the national breast cancer pink symbol.  The ever challenging Mobius strip of one edge and one side...the ever interpretable Mobius language that challenges our brain.  Here's several examples:  "I get to keep what nobody needs" ; "A photograph is a secret of a secret...the more we learn the less we know".  Endless interpreting.

The Big E was a huge success for CAPA authors.  Over $30,000 in books were sold !  Personally, I sold a lot of books even when I wasn't signing them.  Next year I will go back and take Bill Freund's new book that I am publishing about a magic cookie !  More soon on this adventure.

Thanks for reading,